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Water Conservation

Water shortages and water quality continue to be a significant issue for many communities.

Water is required for the production and processing of steel, therefore our main production facilities have traditionally been large consumers of water. These operations continue to actively pursue strategies to reduce freshwater consumption and increase the use of recycled water in the steelmaking process, where possible.

The Port Kembla Steelworks is ready to take 20 megalitres of recycled water per day from Sydney Water's new sewage treatment facility, just north of the Steelworks. This will reduce the Steelworks' externally supplied fresh water by more than 50 per cent.

Our Port Kembla, Western Port and New Zealand operations have extensive water recycling and fresh water consumption reduction programs in place, resulting in a reduction in fresh water usage and increased water use efficiency.

These projects and strategies are also being implemented at our new facilities in Asia.

Freshwater Consumption. Freshwater Intensity.