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Environmental Management System

BlueScope Steel has comprehensive environmental management systems in place to enable us to evaluate, manage and continually improve our environmental performance.

The Company's Health, Safety, Environment and Community Policy provides the foundation for the way our environmental responsibilities are managed at all levels of the organisation.

The strength of our environmental management system has been recognised by the continuing achievement of ISO 14001 certification, following a series of external reviews during the year.

The steel industry gauges the robustness of environmental management systems by measuring the number of employees and contractors working in registered steel production facilities. Registered production facilities include those that have been certified to a registered international environmental management systems standard.

Our performance against the environmental management systems steel industry indicator reduced in 2004/05 due to our acquisition of the Butler Manufacturing Company in April 2004 and BlueScope Lysaght Australia choosing to not recertify.

Environmental Management Systems, % of Total Employees & Contractors Working in Registered Production Facilities.