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Meeting the Challenge of Greenhouse

Recognising that breakthrough technologies may take many years to develop, BlueScope Steel is actively seeking to improve the intensity of our greenhouse gas emissions by developing and deploying a range of energy efficiency initiatives across our major sites in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Greenhouse gas and energy consumption are integral components of the Environmental Management System at North Star BlueScope Steel, our US-based joint venture steel-making operation. Program management teams have been actively persuing emission and consumption reductions through process improvements, new technologies, and innovative designs.

At BlueScope Steel's two principal steelmaking sites in Australia and New Zealand - Port Kembla Steelworks and New Zealand Steel- a Greenhouse Gas and Energy Policy has been deployed. Both sites are currently developing and implementing programs aimed at implementing the Policy. These programs include:

A number of manufacturing process improvements have been deployed during the past year, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Some of these are described in this report (see 'Energy & Greenhouse Gas Case Studies').

As large energy users, the Company's Western Port, Port Kembla and Springhill operations are also currently producing energy efficiency plans in accordance with relevant State and Federal energy efficiency laws.

Notwithstanding these efforts, our ability to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions is limited by current steelmaking technology.

The global steel industry uses carbon as an essential ingredient in the production of iron. Carbon is used as a chemical reductant in the iron making process, and there is a direct chemical relationship between the volume of steel produced and the volume of carbon dioxide emitted.

Meeting the Greenhouse & Energy Challenge. Meeting the Greenhouse & Energy Challenge.